How to Decorate a Mancunian Christmas Tree

Alright ar’ kid? How’s it going? Long-time no see, we hope you all had a belting Christmas and a fantastic new year! We’re also hoping that you’re planning on going just as mad for it this year as you did the last, because we had a right good do here at Christmas Trees Manchester!

We know it’s only February, but it’s best to get your plans in place early for this year so that you avoid any unnecessary bother. You know what it’s like when you cock up at Christmas, a lack of planning can lead to scraps, fall-outs and a day that turns out to be utter bobbins. We’ve won’t have mam scrikin’ again or your sister storming out the gaff! This year we’re doing it proper and therefore we’re going to start off with a list of how to properly decorate a Mancunian Christmas tree.

Pick a Manchester Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is extremely important, especially in Manchester. Typically, it’s either a warm or cold colour scheme that folk go for with their Christmas tree decorations. In Manchester though, the two obvious choices are red or blue.

In a city divided by football religion, it is up to you to don your respective colours in an effort to signify your love and devotion to your particular football team; Manchester City or Manchester United. This choice of allegiance can easily appease or significantly offend your Christmas guests. The ones who don’t like it can sit outside and stop being mardy!
Hang Your Lights First

Ok so the number one rule for avoiding getting into an unnecessary strop with your family is to put the lights on first. Don’t be a divvy and do it last because it’s always harder to loop rope lights around a fully decorated tree than a naked one. Plus it’s a lot more effective on the appearance to have the lights resting in the back, shining through your ornaments.

Add Ribbons and Tinsel

Next up it’s the tinsel and glittery bits; no not your Nan’s knickers. This is the fun part where you can just lob tinsel at the tree and hope that it sticks in some form of pretty pattern. Sometimes, if you’ve had a few scoops, it’s fun to dance around the tree holding your tinsel like your Morris-Dancing around a maypole. Of course, this is only for a laugh because we’re not that soft up in Manchester, obviously. Do you know what I mean?

Top the Tree

It’s completely up to you how you wish to top your tree. Usually, headshots of Mancunian legends do the trick nicely. We’re planning on donning a picture of Noel Gallagher on our tree this year, although he is facing stiff competition from Karl Pilkington and Michelle Keegan (especially Michelle Keegan). Your traditional star will do too; just make sure it isn’t lob-sided!

Add Your Ornaments

The final touches to your Christmas tree decoration come with the ornaments. Again, standard decorations such as baubles are fine but you can also try some alternative decorations to make your tree truly Mancunian. How about dangling some steak pasties from your tree, or some more pictures of Michelle Keegan? However you decide to decorate your tree with ornaments, do so sparsely so that you do not overcrowd the appearance.

The Big Turn On

Last but certainly not least, the decoration ends with turning the Christmas lights on. This is where your family all gather round and admire their work before Dad prepares you all for the big turn on. This is the only time of year where Dad feels a bit like a celebrity turning on Blackpool Illuminations and it’s imperative that he does a ridiculously awkward countdown beforehand. The switch on is subsequently followed by the fuse box blowing, the lights all going out and a series of verbal profanities from your father.

So there you have it, how to successfully decorate a proper Mancunian Christmas tree! If you would like some help sourcing a local Mancunian Christmas tree this year, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to help.

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