Christmas Tree Shopping Tips

The festive spirit is already building and Christmas trees in Manchester are popping up everywhere! It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas party ideas, nor is it too early to think about your holiday centrepiece. 

Last minute shopping only delivers disappointment and you can’t have a naff Christmas tree, so don’t leave it too late! Let us provide a quick guide on what you should take into consideration when shopping for a Christmas tree.

The perfect time to buy your Christmas tree

Real trees are much nicer, much more traditional and much more visually rewarding than artificial trees. Therefore, we would always recommend purchasing a real tree over an artificial one. The ideal time to purchase a real tree is the first week of Christmas – as tradition suggests. This is the best time if you want your tree to last right through until January, with the right watering schedule of course.

You can of course wait until nearer the day, but you do risk the chance of all the best trees being taken the later you leave it.

Buy a locally grown Christmas tree

If you purchase a locally grown tree then you can pretty much guarantee its freshness. It hasn’t been hauled across the country or travelled a long distance; the chances are it has been recently cut. The UK grows more than 6 million Christmas trees each year but this country buys more than it grows. So some Christmas trees do find themselves imported from other countries such as Denmark. A locally grown Christmas tree will be a lot fresher and will also have lower environmental impact.

Measure before you buy

This is simple and obvious advice really, but you will be surprised at the amount of people who purchase a tree that is too big. The reason why? Failure to take accurate measurement beforehand! It is too hard picturing how a Christmas tree will look inside your house, especially when looking at one online.

So avoid the embarrassment and trouble by taking some measurements before you begin shopping. Take note of both the height and the width of the space where your tree will go, then make sure the tree you like fits these measurements.

Buy online and stay warm

Christmas tree shopping can be a cold affair, especially in December! Trust us; we know what it’s like standing in the freezing, arctic weather flogging these things! If you’d love a real tree but want to skip the journey outside, why not trying purchasing one online? We have a wide selection of sizes for you to choose from on our very own site and we offer free delivery on all orders in and around Manchester. A freshly cut and shipped tree is guaranteed every time, so you’ll be able to enjoy a real tree without leaving the house.

Do not forget the Christmas tree stand

To ensure your tree maintains its freshness throughout the festive season, make sure you also purchase a Christmas tree stand. This will ensure that the tree is well watered. A water holding stand makes life a lot easier for you as a proud new Christmas tree owner, making sure that the tree receives the water that it needs. A typical real Christmas tree may drink 1-2 litres of water every day, depending on the size and the warmth of your home. It can also be beneficial to add a little sugar to the water.

You should always buy a Christmas tree with a stand, otherwise they have no way of drinking water and they will dry out a whole lot faster. If you are looking for a real Christmas tree and matching stand, contact us today.

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