Frequency asked questions

Everything ultimately depend upon the environment that the tree is in. We would recommend the following: 

  • keep away from the radiator.
  • keep the tree in a cool place.
  • utilise a water holding stand.
  • turn off your tree lights when they don’t need to be on.
  • don’t purchase the tree too early.

Premium Nordmann Fir. More details can be found here: Nordmann Fir.

All of our Christmas Trees comes without any stands or bases. The reason being is that 90% of our customers return each year and they already have stands. If you dont have a stand already then we also sell the Cinco range of water holding stands on our website.

The difference between milled and non-milled is that milled is the trunk of the tree made to a mall circular spike usually to 50mm. The industry does this to put the trees securely onto wooden blocks.

Whereas, non-milled means that the trunk is completely flat.

From 2020 – we have made the decision to stop selling wooden blocks and therefore all of our trees now come non-milled which means that the trunks are completely flat on the bottom.

About the delivery

We start delivering on Friday 25th November 2022. We do get customers asking for the trees earlier but they won’t last until Christmas if we did offer earlier dates.

We delivered across Greater Manchester & selected areas in Lancashire & Cheshire. All the locations can be found here: Christmas Tree Delivery

Yes, under the trees section of our website you’ll find office Christmas trees in a range of sizes.

  • This year we are only operating a 1 driver per van policy.
  • We only take card payment through the website.
  • We are running more vans and they will coverage a much shorter radius.
  • Our delivery service is a door drop service only.
  • We can’t come in to your properties or put the tree in the stand.
  • We are not retailing any trees above the 7ft to 8ft tree because these would require two delivery drivers.
  • All trees will come non-milled which means that they will come flat on the bottom.
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