11ft – 12ft Office Real Christmas Tree


A 11ft to 12ft Real Christmas tree. This premium Nordmann Fir tree is perfect for your business if you have a high ceiling and a big space to fill.

This tree takes approximately 14 years to grow and we hand pick each one to ensure that they meet our high standard. Order early online to avoid disappoint.

*** 2020 Update ***

As a result of Covid-19 we’re unable to deliver any Xmas trees at this height. 11ft to 12ft Xmas trees require 2 people to deliver the tree and its difficult to social distance in a van when we don’t have 2 people working from us from the same household. It’s important that we respect the National & Regional rules to protect our staff & customers. We aim to offer this tree again in 2021 though. As an alternative please consider the 7ft-8ft Office Xmas tree.

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